Political Lesbianism Matters

This is a blog which will cover a radical lesbian feminist/political lesbian perspective. Radical lesbian feminists are freedom-fighters and we’re reclaiming virtual, theoretical and physical spaces.

We reclaim political lesbianism and open up a positive narrative about how political lesbianism is relevant and important to a modern-day radical feminist climate.

When women aren’t able to meet together lawfully and create female-only safe spaces for those who’ve experienced male violence, when lesbians are told they’re “transphobic” if they refuse to have sex with someone with a penis, when feminists are told they’re “transphobic” when they speak out against ways in which the state tries to control women’s biology, it is time for all politicised lesbians to unite and create radical lesbian feminist space. We must stop the tide designed to erase lesbian feminism and fight for sisterhood and women-only organising once more.

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